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 By means of inspiring students to teach them modernized professional knowledge and skills.
 Enhance the education of national spirit to inspire students’ patriotic sentiment. Edify balanced development of students’ body and soul to promote the harmonization of the relationship between the self and the group.
 Cultivate students’ professional ethics to develop sound professional primary personnel with virtues of honesty, dedication, diligence and simplicity
 Combine the education of the school with the Tao Yuan society to promote the economic prosperity in the society.

2.School Development Plan

Development Direction

 Provide sophisticated environment and excellent facilities to allow young people to create and think.
 Establish a learning environment that is lively, self-governing, self-loved and systematic.

Educational Idea

 Train lady model with five aspects of education.
 Train primary personnel with superb skills in the society.
 Develop a habit of keep learning professional knowledge and skill.

3.School Motto

Honesty, Dedication, Diligence, Simplicity

 “Honesty” encourages students to be honest and do things openly which is the same as what Mencius once said “Feel no shame before God and when look down on others, one is not ashamed.” If one can be honest and do things honestly, he/she of course can have an honorable mind.

 “Dedication” refers to “dedication and sociable.” In the period where scientific knowledge is changing every day, learning extensive knowledge is the basic condition of being dedicated. Therefore, one must work hard in terms of study to enrich one’s knowledge.

 “Diligence” refers to “do things diligently” and “study with determination.” As the old sayings go “Few things are impossible to diligence” and “Diligence has its reward; play and laziness has no benefit,” it is hoped that the students would treat their times in the school as a precious experience, study hard and learn lots of skills while always remembering “Spring time wait for no men, an inch of light cannot be underrated.”

 “Simplicity” refers to “simple but in good taste.” In order to have elegant style of conversation and dignified manner, the first thing to do is to study and learn more. Song Dynasty Confucian, Jian Ting Huang, said “After three days without studying, I would have insipid language and feel repulsive in appearance.” It explains that study can build character and change one’s temperament.

4.Brief History

 In spring of 1954, local people in the Tao Yuan city felt that the education for girls is very important and proposed to establish a school. On 24th of June of the same year, the committee was organized and established and the school was approved for a one-year trial-run on 10th of October. Three classes of junior high school first year students were recruited by examination. The current address (it was the elementary school for Japanese children during the Japanese Occupation Period) was chosen to establish the school and the official starting date was 5th of November. It was the time when many things were waiting to be done and hardships were experienced. There were only three classrooms and all other school buildings and dormitories were borrowed by military and political authorities. After several plan meetings and support seeking sessions, the school was in better progress.

 In 1955, the trial-run period was expired and after assessed by higher authority, the school was approved to be formally established.

 In 1958, the school was already roughly in order and there were many students who attended the school. Local people kept asking the school to establish a senior division. As local people responded and urged enthusiastically, the senior division planning committee was established on 26th of June, 1958. The plan was reported to higher authority for approval and the senior division was approved for a trial-run on 26th of September of the same year.

 On 26th of September, 1960, the school was approved to become comprehensive vocational high school.

 In the school academic year of 1968, the school was ordered to reform to National Chungli Senior Vocational High School of Home Economics and stopped recruiting junior high school students in ordination with the implementation of the 9-year national compulsory education.

 In summer of 1970, the junior division was terminated. The Department of Business was added as ordered by the Department of Education and new students of two classes were recruited. The school name was changed to National Chungli Senior Vocational High School of Home Economics and Commerce. Currently there are six classes of Department of General Home Economics, 6 classes of Department of Clothing and Sewing, 6 classes of Department of General Commerce and 7 classes of Department of Accounting and Statistics.

 On 7th of March, 1979, the further education center was added with approval and recruited one class for Department of General Home Economics, Department of Clothing and Sewing.

{Former principal of the school:

  • Principal Chang Rei Chen (1954.11-1954.11 Part-time)

  • Principal Zhi Yang(1954.11-1962.4)

  • Principal Shi Shou Li (1962.4-1962.11 On behalf of the previous principal)

  • Principal Ying Tian Huang(1962.11-1978.2)

  • Principal Xian Zhang Zhang(1978.2-1985.2)

  • Principal Run Min Liu(1985.2-1990.2)

  • Principal Jun Xu(1990.2-1993.8)

  • Principal Xian Sheng Chen(1993.8-2001.7)

  • Principal Wan Lian Liao(2001.8-2004.7)

  • Principal Mao Cheng Qiu(2004.8-2006.7)

  • Principal Yong Po Xie(2006.8-2010.7) }

  • Present Principal Ming Ting Xu reported and began his service in August 2010.